What are solar pumps?

What is the solution for kavery water

What is  the solution for kavery water

Size of cable and pipe


What size of the cable ( 1. 5 hp pump ) and HDPE pipe can be used for a 400 ft deep borewel?

Dilip, Kolhapur

Periodic storage-discharge data from various reservoirs and dams in India


Where can we get the periodic storage - discharge data of different reservoirs? CWC reports only elevation and storage information for around 90-91 reservoirs without discharge data…

Why do we not use PVC pipes for borewell casing?


I live in Amaravati district, in Maharashtra. The question is about pipe material for borewell casing. Even though PVC pipe has so many advantages, why do we still continue to use MS…

Solar pump set installation


I have planned to install a solar pump set in my agricultural land. Kindly suggest which one is better whether AC or DC power. Cost is not an issue.


Borewell pump installation


I have dug a 6 1/2 inch borewell in my farm, I got 2 inch water at 90 feet depth and I have dug it to a total depth of 420 feet. Please advise me of in how many feet I should install…

Depth of bore in punjab


I want to send rainwater collected from rooftop etc into the ground. Kindly guide to what depth I should bore in the ground. Water levels here in Punjab are around 150-200 feet down the…

Which gauge casing pipe to be used?

Dear Sir,

This is Daniel from Chennai, I am in the requirement of drilling a new bore well for approx. 300ft . I am confused as to what gauge pipe to be used for casing because of the…

Sewage Treatment Plant

Is there is any legal consent required to install Sewage Treatment Plant in an Industry?

Water turned green in colour in a water well

Hello team,

My name is Pradeep from Pattambi (Kerala) we have a water well and it's been almost three years we are using the water happily. However, from past few weeks we have started…

Providing drinking water to my village

Let me introduce myself, I am Karthik Thota from Andhra Pradesh. I am planning to supply good drinking water to all the people in my native village which is in Ponnuru Mandal, Guntur district.…

How to know the quality of drinking water prior to digging a borewell?

Is there any new technology to know about groundwater quality before digging a borewell? I mean is there any possibility to know that groundwater is sweet or not prior to digging? Please let me…

What the various laws and policies related to use of water in mines or use of minewater?

I wanted to know the various laws or implications governing the use of water in mining industry or use of mine water accumulated for other purposes?

List and mapping of organisations addressing water issues across the country

Dear Team,

Wanted to know if there is any list of organisations addressing various water issues across the country that is also mapped against the geography, topography, nature of the issue…

Borewell water is yellow colour and smell

After heavy rain last year ( Oct to Dec). I have observed water colour in my borewell getting yellow and smelly. My borewell is 170 ft and septic tank and wastewater tank of my neighbour is 5ft…

Selecting a motor pump to lift water from a 140ft deep borewell

Plz help me select a motor pump to lift water from a 140ft deep borewell for a three-storeyed building.

Authority for checking salinity and creeks demolition

Who will be the authority to check salinity of water? At what salinity, it should be considered as sea water? Whom to complaint regarding creeks not included in CRZ maps?

Borewell water getting contaminated from a sewage line in vicintiy

We dug the borewell 6-7 yrs back in the compound and the borewell water was being used for washing and bathing by 90 flat holders. Few days back sewage line passing near borewell duct was blocked…