BlueTech Research podcast

Nearly every human endeavor on the planet was conceived and constructed with a relatively stable climate in mind. But as new climate disasters remind us every day, our world is not stable—and it is changing in ways that expose the deep dysfunction of our relationship with water. A hard truth is emerging: our development, including concrete infrastructure designed to control water, is actually exacerbating our problems. Because sooner or later, water always wins”. Erica Gies, author of Water Always Wins

Voices For Water

Are Indian cities running out of water? Are dams the correct way to manage our water resources? What are the current policy approaches we are taking towards water management and distribution? How can each one of us do our bit to create a water secure future?

Voices For Water is a podcast that attempts to answer all these questions - and more. This podcast aims to generate dialogues amongst experts of the sector on topics of relevance and work towards making water everybody's business.

Water Voice

A podcast based around the importance of water and what we need to do to help it. Guests from all places who work to maintain waterways will join us and talk about solutions to problems we are facing