Request for Proposal- Integrated Baseline Study of Raintree Foundation’s ‘Sustainable Integrated Rural Development’ Program in Rural Maharashtra


Raintree Foundation is a not- for- profit, philanthropic organization (estd. 2018), based out of Pune city, India. The Foundation leverages catalytic philanthropy as a multiplier to strengthen the development ecosystem through a multi-stakeholder, data- driven and research-oriented approach. The Foundation is built on the principles of: participatory and collaborative approach, sustainability, scalability and replicability of programs, and prioritizing data and innovation. The Foundation has two core focus areas- Sustainable Integrated Rural Development and Disability & Mental Health.


The Sustainable Integrated Rural Development (SIRD) program is being implemented in a 2,100 Hectare geography spread over 9 villages in Velhe Block near Pune city, Maharashtra. The targeted population is 4,131 people, including 710 families. Interviews and focus group discussions will be conducted with different target groups and will engage with key government officials and institutions, especially those working in health, environment, women and child development, agriculture, forest and natural resource management and water security.

The SIRD Program has three thematic areas:

  • Community Development- Water Security, Sustainable Livelihoods and People’s Participation (institutional strengthening, capacity building of the community on citizenship awareness)
  • Environment- Ecological Conservation and Environment Education
  • Disability & Mental Health- Mental well- being of people, gender- just community and change in norms & perceptions around gender & masculinity


The baseline study is an integrated survey that will collect data and information tied with the performance indicators of the SIRD program, mapped out to assess the program’s long- term impact (over 7 years). The survey will also guide the design and refinement of evidence-based strategies to be adopted by the program and its interventions. 

For more details, download the document on Request for Proposal from below. 

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Post By: Swati Bansal