Webinar Series - Critical Engagement with Floods in India

About the webinar:

In the eastern, north-eastern and northern parts of the country, the monsoon period is largely referred to as the flood season. However, since past few years, both the urban and rural spaces in western and southern India also have started experiencing floods on a regular basis, which is a departure from the usual monsoon disposition. Despite the variance, for majority in India, floods get defined by a common definition or are observed as a common occurrence, largely triggered by either the dominant narrative, or because of the dearth of factual explanations. Therefore, realizing the need to propel the nuanced realities that surround floods across the country, and to share the legitimate reasons behind floods in diverse landscapes in India, the Water Conflict Forum will be facilitating the sharing of flood based experiences and knowledge with the intent of understanding rivers and floods through their diverse attributes, deep rooted integrity, duties, influences, and transformations (natural and human induced). Thereby, demystifying floods in general and contextualizing them as well. The interaction will largely highlight floods from a natural phenomenon across history and contemporary perspectives, transformation within river basins and their impact on different landscapes and settlements, gendered experiences of repeated preparation, coping and rehabilitation measures for survival, innovations for minimizing flood triggered challenges, and possible way forward.

It is with this intention, the Water Conflict Forum will be organizing five webinars with the flood series between September 10 and October 8 on regular intervals facilitating an interaction between individuals who are intrinsically linked with floods (have experienced floods, undertaken flood related research and advocacy, have raised voices, concerns and mobilised public opinion for better flood management) and an audience that are inquisitive to know about floods in India. 

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Post By: Swati Bansal