MARVI: Securing groundwater supplies through engaging village communities
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Groundwater levels across India have been falling rapidly, affecting the livelihood and wellbeing of village communities. Top-down approaches to groundwater management have not worked.

How Paani Foundation harnesses the power of communication for social transformation
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Paani Foundation was created in 2016, with the vision of making Maharashtra drought-free. From 2016 to 2019, Paani Foundation organized four Water Cup competitions, whose main objective was to make villages water secure through watershed development. In 2019, during the last Water Cup, more than 4,700 villages in 76 talukas had joined the movement for change.

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Knowledge is power
Changes in extreme rainfall events and flood risk in India during the last century- A report by the India Meteorological Department
This report by the India Meteorological Department deals with the changes in extreme rainfall events and flood risks in India during the last century. Amita Bhaduri posted 10 years 7 months ago

IMDThe occurrences of some exceptionally heavy rainfall during the recent years causing flash floods in many areas necessitated the study of long term changes in extreme rainfall over India.

The study includes the analysis of the frequency of rainy days, number of rainy days and heavy rainfall days as well as one-day extreme rainfall and return period analysis in order to observe the impact of climate change on extreme weather events and flood risk. It has been found that frequency of heavy rainfall events are decreasing in major parts of the central and north India while increasing in peninsular India, east and north east India.

The report provides interesting findings that are useful for hydrological planning and disaster managements such as –