India-UK team tackles antimicrobial resistance spread in waterways
Experts are joining forces to investigate the impact that releasing antibiotics from antibiotic manufacturing into India’s waterways has on the spread of potentially fatal drug-resistant infections.
The Musi river in Hyderabad, which has high concentrations of antibiotics released from production facilities (Image: Newcastle University)
When solving one problem triggers another
Use of guppy fish to control mosquito populations in water bodies has given rise to another problem - that of its negative impact on native freshwater diversity.
Guppies for mosquito control (Image Source: Rchampagne via Wikimedia Commons)
Migration and the state amid the Covid-19 pandemic
The Covid-19 prompted migration crisis brought India’s inequalities into sharp relief.
Migrants contribute enormously to urban society and economy (Image: Pexels)
A third of world’s children poisoned by lead: UNICEF
Urgent action needed to abolish dangerous practices including the informal recycling of lead acid batteries.
Two girls recycle metal from used batteries at a workshop in Dhaka, Bangladesh (Image: UNICEF/Naser Siddique)
Market linkage could ensure higher returns for farm produce
A study finds out gaps in the way farmer producer organisations are handling their operations and the available infrastructure.
Red chilli wholesale market at Karnataka (Image: Pxhere, CC0 Public Domain)
Floods in Bihar: Pregnant woman reaches hospital in a tube boat
Amid the rising floods and absence of government help, locals help a pregnant woman reach the hospital using a makeshift boat.
Pregnant woman goes to hospital in flood in a jugaad boat (Source: Umesh K Ray)
Affected by floods, locals resort to chowkis for safety
"People living inside the Kosi embankment get little or no government help that is why we have been doing this jugaad for years during the flood season".
Children taking water from a submerged handpump (Image source: Prabhat Khabar)
Money, migration and missing capital: The case of Uttarakhand
In times of heightened interest in migration and migrants, a lecture deals with key issues underpinning it.
Village in Uttarakhand (Image: Paul Hamilton; Flickr Commons, CC BY-SA 2.0)
NREGA tracker looks at the schemes’ performance
NREGA should move towards becoming an open-ended entitlement that allows every individual to work for at least 200 days, as per PAEG.
Women working on an NREGA site building a pond to assist in farming and water storage. Gopalpura, Jhabua, Madhya Pradesh (Image: UN Women/Gaganjit Singh)
Nearly three lakh people across eight districts affected by floods in Bihar
Floods in Bihar create havoc with 2.88 lakh people being affected. 9,845 people have been evacuated from the region and sent to relief camps.
Life submerged within the embankment area (Source: India Water Portal Hindi)
Floods in Bihar: State submerged in flood waters
Locals take refuge on the embankments as flood waters enter the new areas in the state and government is yet to provide help.
Village under threat from erosion in Kishanganj (Source: India Water Portal Hindi)
Harnessing demographic dividend amidst the Covid-19 pandemic
India stands to lose its demographic dividend irreversibly during the pandemic if immediate steps are not taken.
Migrant women workers continue to suffer unemployment and underemployment (Image: Pixabay)
Creating an Atma Nirbhar Bharat amid the Covid-19 pandemic
There is an urgent need for a comprehensive National Employment Policy based on responsive real-time data analysis integrating sectors amid the Covid-19 pandemic.
Brick kiln workers (Image: ILO Asia-Pacific)
Kamla, Kosi and Bagmati rivers in rage, disrupt life
Incessant rains in Terai region of Bihar and Nepal causes floods in North Bihar as many rivers rise above the danger mark.
Locals provide aid to people hit by floods in Bihar
Floods in Bihar: Government prepares to shift people to safer places
As flood situation hits the state, the government is working towards taking people to safer places and preparing itself for the rescue efforts.
Children drinking milk at a flood relief centre in Bihar (Source: Bhartiya Jan Utthan Parishad)
Private sector engagement for scaling up small water enterprises
Small water enterprises cannot rely on the earlier models of operations due to diminishing CSR funds in the light of the pandemic.
Owning, operating, and managing safe water supply through small water enterprises is a tangible way for women to transform their lives. (Image: Safe Water Network)
Bringing springs to life: Ensuring water security for Baigas in Madhya Pradesh
To ensure year-round availability of drinking water for the Baigas, an initiative bring back springs to life in the region through community participation.
Children wash hands at a stand post installed in a Primary school at Kapoti Village in Karanjiya, Dhindori, Madhya Pradesh, India (Source: WaterAid India)
Drone to help monitor embankments and save people trapped in floods
This year, along with working at the grass root level to deal with floods, the Bihar government is also focussing on the full use of state-of-the-art technologies.
Completed flood protection in Naruar, Bihar (Image Source: Water Resources Department, Government of Bihar, Twitter handle)