Green Sanitation Foundation: an NGO in Kolkata develops biotoilets a unique toilet technology

Biotoilets are biological toilets, named so because they convert human waste into non toxic, non contaminating water compatible with environmental standards, through application of multi strain bacteria culture, using aerobic forms of bacteria.

Watch this film on biotoilets, and how they can help to stop open defecation in India. Video courtesy Green Sanitation Foundation

Another major advantage of these biotoilets is that they do not need a sewage system to operate. They treat solid waste and convert it to liquid form, which is harmless and does not contaminate groundwater, soil, etc. Learn more about the biotoilet technology here.

One biotoilet costs Rs.25 - 30,000, which includes training on O&M, communication efforts, etc. Multiple biotoilets will cost more. GSF is also working on developing solar powered community bio-toilets.

Biotoilet in a village

A biotoilet in a home

Bio digestor tank  in village made of bricks & mortar.

Bio digestor tank  made of brick and mortar

Bio digestor tank waste goes to nearby field for raising crops

Biodigestor tank waste goes to nearby field for irrigation

Biodigestor tanks for community toilets

Biodigestor tank for community toilets

Array of portable bio-toilets in labour colony at construction site

Portable bio-toilets at construction site. Pictures courtesy Sudip Sen, Green Sanitation Foundation


For more information on biotoilets, contact Mr. Sudip Sen on

Green Sanitation Foundation
16, Taratalla Road,
Kolkata 700 088
Ph: +91 33 2401 4661-8 


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