A better, bluer Bangalore

Green Bazaar in Bangalore
Green Bazaar in Bangalore

In honour of World Water Day 2014, the theme at the Green Bazaar, a community event run by The Alternative, was water. India Water Portal collaborated to add some 'blue' to the 'green'.

Water-centric workshops and talks accompanied the many green items, organic products and craft on display at this regular event that focuses on sustainable living. There were a host of workshops for children around a water conservation theme as well as a story-telling session by Tulika books that has recently brought out a book titled 'Water stories from around the world'. Nearly 500 people participated in the day's events.

S.Vishwanath, Bangalore's water activist, spoke on how to reuse the huge quantity of wastewater that Bangalore generates daily. He stressed on the simple solution of recycling wastewater at individual household level. An interesting case study discussed was that of Jakkur lake, an example of lake restoration & water reutilisation, which also sustains livelihood via fisheries. The natural wetlands near the lake purify the water and is also able to maintain the treated sewage water that is discharged from the Jakkur wastewater treatment plant. This lake holds the key to lake revival and also presents a viable solution to Bangalore’s acute water problems.

Lake pollution discussions were led by lake groups who talked about their individual efforts. Prasad, who has been overlooking the restoration efforts of Begur lake in Electronics City and Sudhir from Vibhutipura lake (VIKAS Team), spoke on a spectrum of problems that ranged from vandalism, institutional lethargy to their efforts to conduct medical camps for urban poor and migrant labourers in the area, to convince & educate them on lake pollution.

The need of storm water drains, their maintainance and understanding all the elements of lake bodies itself were discussed. The session saw experts, citizens and urban planners come together to discuss the soup-bowl lake redevelopment strategy currently practised by the government, that leads to choking and morbid death via stagnation of the lake. The acclaimed photo exhibit 'Namma Ooru-Namma Neeru' was also on display.

This Green Bazaar event offered the participants a unique insight into the struggles of lake teams, along with a range of fun activities to balance and share the vision for a better, bluer Bangalore.